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Kiki Jiang


Kiki Jiang

Directing Manager

Phone:0411 553 686


Born and raised in Shanghai Kiki has almost a decade of sales and marketing experience in China firstly as General Manager of Public Advertising Company “GUOMEN” (meaning “country door” open to the world) focusing on marketing property for local developers. Subsequently as Media Manager Advertising for “Shanghai TV” Kiki had responsibility for sales and marketing TV content to other networks around the country. Based on her success Kiki was recruited by Private Advertising Company “BAOJIU” as General Manager and was successful in increasing business advertising turnover and enhancing the “BAOJIU” brand.
Moving to Australia in 2000 Kiki established her own green energy business called “Solar Sufficient” successfully importing and distributing solar systems to the building industry. Concurrently Kiki was also involved with a general building materials import and distribution company. All the above created a strong network within the property development and construction industry that gave impetus to her next venture in real estate.
Globe was established in 2009 to specialise and capitalize on the growing Chinese investor interest in Australian and international property. Kiki has developed Globe as the leading interface between the Chinese communities in Australia and China.